Is Recruitment a good career choice for me?

Recruitment is an exciting and a bold career choice. It is not one people go to university to study, but that doesn't mean graduates aren't suited to recruitment. It is estimated there is an increase in graduate employment in professional services firms, namely recruitment agencies and boutiques. Throughout the course of university students develop the necessary skills for recruitment, including building confidence, exceptional communication skills, and sticking to deadlines!

Recruitment isn't the 'simple' process of matching a candidate to a job, it is delving deep into candidates desires and matching this methodically with the clients needs. If you're interested in working with people from all backgrounds and building a large network, nothing is better than recruitment. You'll be meeting new people on a daily basis and helping them either find their dream job, or fill that gap in their Company. It provides an invaluable insight into the world of work and how best to manage people and their expectations. The experience and exposure within recruitment is beneficial to all graduates, even if it wasn't their intended career path when they started university some three years before.

Not to mention the pay and benefits are extremely competitive within the recruitment industry.  If you're driven to achieve than you'll be earning more than most. Many recruitment and sales companies have a 'competitive' atmosphere, but don't let that put you off. Recruitment is a tight-nit community, a often a supportive 'family like' culture, while beers on Friday cannot be a bad thing! Recruitment companies thrive from their reputation and company trips away to reward employees are common.

The development and training opportunities within recruitment are second to none, with promotions from consultant to senior consultant to manager very common. You can be managing your own team within 3 years with some companies, and not many sectors can boast that. Plus, many recruitment agencies have a specialism or nice, so you can go into specialist fields and markets within recruitment, which match with your own passions and interests.

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