Why work with a specialist recruiter in your field

Along with looking forward to finally being free of lectures, exams and essays (unless you are planning a Masters, in which case of course it's exciting to have another year or so in the library...) one of the things on every graduate's mind is getting a job. A job that will enable you to pay for all the full price drinks, nights out and clothes that you will somehow have to fund without your beloved student discount. With the news that the number of job vacancies for new graduates has shrunk by 8% in a year, as suggested by a survey of top employers carried out by AGR, coupled with the fact this may be your first proper job search, this may feel like a scary time.

However, having been through the anxiousness of final exams and come out the other side, you'll know that firstly having the right tools and being prepared means a hell of a lot, and secondly that if you survived that you can do this too!

So you know what you want to do, you've prepped your CV – now what? There's a whole load of jobs out there, so how do you find what's right for you without having to trawl the whole internet to find it?

What can specialist recruitment do for you?

Many of you will be aware of the role of the recruitment consultant – people that get other people jobs they want - but perhaps not that some recruiters only work within a certain sector. Obviously the service they provide is similar to the huge recruitment agencies that cover a broad range of industries – finding candidates for companies looking to fill a role – but there are some important differences that mean looking for a specialist recruitment agency might pay off for you.

Unique Knowledge

The very fact that they specialise in one particular field means that they have specialist knowledge of that sector

  1. They understand the specific needs of both the companies and candidates (you) they are working with, and for
  2. They also get the challenges that are unique to the industry.
  3. In a world where there are many different types of jobs and a huge range of skills that individuals can bring to a role, having someone who can guide you towards those job adverts that are relevant to your interests, experience and strengths, as well as to appreciate your particular capabilities and qualities, has got to be a bit of an advantage.
  4. A little help in tailoring your CV specifically to the kind of role available in the sector wouldn’t go amiss either now would it?
  5. And of course if they understand what makes you great for the role and why, they will be able to sell you more authentically to the company.

Time Saving

  • All of this will save you time on the afore-mentioned dreaded internet trawl meaning that you spend less time filling out dull online forms which mostly only promise a high probability that you'll hear nothing back from any of them, and therefore an ever increasing sense of panic about your ability to ever get an interview let alone a job or function as a grown up in the real working world (argh job application flashbacks!).

Expert Guidance

  • Which brings me to the interview... Usually a pretty terrifying experience and one which demands a lot of prep and attempts at portraying confidence. The specialist recruiter's knowledge of the industry will enable your recruitment consultant to provide you with:
    • o Tailored advice on the current market
    • o The lowdown on the particular company – even if they can't tell you exactly who it is until the last minute!
    • o Insider knowledge on how to address such organisations and promote yourself to them.

This help will be invaluable for your interview preparation and give you an idea of how the interview process works which makes you better placed to nail it on the day.

It works both ways

The fact that the recruiter has done the job-candidate matching for you (like a less sexy Tinder) AND the added bonus of knowing that the role is in the area of work you'd like to be, makes the chance of you turning up to the interview and realising that it's nothing to do with where you want to be heading or 'see yourself in 5 years time' pretty small. Anything that avoids that waste-of-time-getting-worked-up-for-a-job-interview-for-nothing feeling has got to be worth it right?

And on the other side of the fence, the company knows that this is your field and what you are passionate about.

A winning relationship

Let's face it, recruiters work to place people in jobs and keep them there – hang on, getting a job and keeping it also happens to be your main aim! - and a specialist recruiter who is able to use their expert knowledge of what both candidates and organisations want to play the matching game has the best chance of providing this. Which obviously benefits the career-hungry graduate looking to get started in the employment game...

Sounds like you got this.


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